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Following the  resolution  embarked  upon by the State Ministry of Transport last year, another  meeting was held this year  in order to deliberate on  painting  of commercial  vehicles  of three  Local  Government Areas who were affected by  insurgency  so as to  bring about unity and mutual  understanding among the people who  were seriously  affected.

How ever, 3 Vendors  have been presented to the  Ministry in order to carry out the  job  which  has been neglected by the  past Vendors.  Earlier on,  it was  agreed  that 200  vehicles  would be  painted  and panal beated some unfortunately, only  fifteen (15) were able to work on.

When the  new  Vendors were  presented to the  Ministry, they  said they would  do  their best to  see  that  all  work  goes well  and promised  not to fail in any way. They  urged the  Ministry to give  them their  maximum cooperation in order to carryout their  work effectively.  ln addition, NURTW  said that if there is  proper supervision of vehicles, the Vendors and the  entire  committee  would move  well.

The Director  Transport had also added that since  the  first  contact  has been revoked, he advised that Ministry  deliberate  on  issues  that  would  bring progress and development.

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