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By Kumangar Solomon

A transformative wave of digitization is sweeping across Nigerian state media, with the present administration placing a strong emphasis on modernizing broadcasting infrastructure. This commitment marks a significant shift from the challenges faced by state media in the past. According to recent data from the National Broadcasting Commission, over 60% of state-owned media outlets are now undergoing digital upgrades, a stark contrast to just 15% five years ago.
Traditionally, limited resources and outdated technology have hindered the ability of state media outlets to fully serve their audiences. However, the current administration's focus on digitization promises to transform the landscape.

The government's commitment to modernization is evident in several key initiatives, particularly in the recent upgrades to Adamawa Television (ATV). The station has been equipped with advanced digital technology, including new cameras, editing machines, and playout systems, alongside a newly acquired 30KW solar power installation. This emphasis on alternative energy sources ensures reliable power for operations, crucial for consistent broadcasting. These investments have significantly improved ATV's production quality and capabilities, enabling previously unattainable achievements such as live streaming major events across the state. The upgrades not only enhance current services but also pave the way for a wider range of interactive offerings; allowing viewers to stay informed and engaged with happenings throughout Adamawa, regardless of their location. 

This digital transformation extends beyond ATV, as exemplified by the progress at the Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Recognizing the dire state of the corporation inherited from previous administrations, the current government has taken swift action. The revival of a production studio has provided much-needed support for content creation. Furthermore, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has approved a "mega project" for studio remodeling both AM & FM. This ambitious undertaking will encompass the supply and installation of FM and AM transmitters that meet the latest broadcasting standards.
This digital revolution is not just about equipment; it's about empowering our media to better serve the people of Adamawa, the benefits of this mega project are far-reaching. For ABC staff, the upgraded facilities and equipment will translate into a more efficient and inspiring work environment. Imagine a production studio equipped with cutting-edge technology, empowering them to tell stories in a more engaging and impactful way. The improved workflows and tools will not only enhance creativity but also boost staff morale and productivity.

For listeners, the impact will be equally significant. The new FM and AM transmitters will ensure reception quality comparable to national broadcasters, with signal strength improvements. This translates into a more enjoyable listening experience; allowing audiences to stay informed and connected with the latest happenings in Adamawa. Additionally, the potential for a wider range of channels opens doors to more diverse programming, catering to a broader range of interests.

These advancements are particularly impactful for rural communities. For instance, in the remote village of Gombi, residents can now access live updates on agricultural programs and market prices, directly impacting their livelihoods. 

Governor Ahmadu Umaru  Fintiri's drive to revolutionize Adamawa's media landscape exemplifies visionary leadership in action. By championing this digital transformation, he's not merely upgrading technology – he's investing in the state's future. This initiative bridges digital divides, empowers citizens with reliable information, and opens new avenues for education and engagement across Adamawa.
Fintiri's foresight in media advancement demonstrates his commitment to transparency, public engagement, and progress. As Adamawa's media steps into the digital age, it carries the potential to transform lives, inspire innovation, and showcase the state's rich culture to a global audience.

Through these efforts, Governor Fintiri is setting a new standard for state leadership in Nigeria, paving the way for an informed, connected, and empowered Adamawa. His dedication to this transformative project is a testament to his belief in the power of media to drive development and strengthen democracy.

Kumangar is the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information and Strategy in Adamawa State

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