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10TH APRIL, 2017

Press release issued on the current situation of Cerebrospinal Meningitis in the state
It is disheartening to address you in this trying moments of the hot season, indeed you are aware that our country is currently engulfed with one of the disgusting epidemic communicable disease  cerebrospinal meningitis  (CSM) resulting to colossal loss of lives and disabilities in 16 states of the federation.

Recently, to my dismay, Adamawa State also recorded two cases in week 13 from Song and Yola South Local Government Areas respectively. While that of song was confirmed to be Serotype “C”, the one in Yola South is type “A”.

Although the two cases with different strains did not reach the epidemic threshold yet, their occurrence called for a concerted efforts by all, individuals, households, communities, government and non governmental organisations including CBOs as well as philanthropic to intensify activities towards curbing the menace.

It is to that effect the State Ministry of health and State Primary Health Care Development Agency in collaboration with our partners in the state (WHO, UNICEF) ensured isolation and prompt treatment of the two diagnosed cases in specialist hospital Yola and song cottage hospital.

Already drugs and supplies were delivered to the hospitals for the management of the cases.  Active surveillance was also mounted with LGA teams in those affected communities.

Ladies and gentle men
Prior to the occurrence of these two cases, the State Ministry of Health has taken and is still consolidating on major proactive measures to ensure Adamawa state remains a CSM free state.

Among the major steps are;
Sent an alert message to all hospitals and primary health care centres across the state on impending outbreak and the need to take all necessary measures including active case search, prompt referrals for  diagnosis, health promotion and sensitization
Both state and LGA Rapid Response Teams (RRT) were activated to ensure active surveillance throughout the state Sponsored jingles on radio and television stations for at least 1-2 Months With support from WHO, Ministry of Health sensitive and specific laboratory reagents (pastorate) were supplied to major hospitals namely specialist hospital Yola, Michika, Mubi, Numan, Garkida and Ganye General Hospitals.  
The Ministry is also in close contact with Federal Government for vaccines supply in case of full blown epidemic.

The ministry has already established a channel of supply of adequate quantities of drugs in case of overwhelming cases Plan to produce and distribute IEC materials
My appealed to general public and health workers including private health sector;
While the health sector is making efforts to prevent and control the disease from policy making down to the service delivery point, it is pertinent for the general public to also imbibe positive behaviour to complement our efforts. Therefore I wish to call on all to observe the following:
Report to nearby health centre early when you have high fever, headache, neck pain etc
Do not sneeze, or cough in open place  - close your face with piece of clothe when doing so Observed washing hands regularly
Reduce handshaking and kissing habit frequently 
Avoid overcrowding
Sleep in well ventilated rooms where necessary outside the room   

The disease is transmitted from person to person either through direct contact or air born. For health workers please ensure
Ensure early referrals of all suspected cases
Observed all infection prevention and control measures in our health facilities
Report cases adequately and liase with LGA disease surveillance officer for active search in the communities.

In conclusion, while we remain resolute in combating any impending outbreak, I wish we will abide by this piece of advice for our benefits
Thank you and God bless

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