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By Tom Garba


The Nigerian first indigenous and the oldest Newspaper established in 1925 which has spanned decades of proven integrity records of balance reportage with greats achievements recorded in the world of print journalism will be cloaking 90 years of existence May next week.

Daily Times Newspaper was formed before the country's independence day in Lagos with the sole aim of check mating the excesses of the colonial masters whose  agenda is to exploit the country's resources under their indirect rule ideology, with their dogged spirit sustain a good name. Despite many years of war fighting the organisation by the then military government, it went on hibernation but still existing in bringing Newspaper in every news stands and corner of the Nigeria on daily basis is cloaking 90 in doing the work of print journalism.

The 90 years of this veracity newspaper in existence is going to be celebrated in a grand style with many well meaning Nigerians to be awarded  for achieving a great feat in their field of endeavor.

This first generational news medium has spotted yet another diadem of excellent work in the entire Northern region to bestowed onto him the most envied crown of glory of empire of the organization. His Excellency the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, a noble Man of hard work whose passion is to rewrite and change the negatives about Adamawa which for many years has just been a barren land, zealously to achieving a dream he has set to fulfilled.

He has gone far with the work of transformation in the state, and now an organization of Daily Times worth will want to boost his ingenious spirit to do more having known him to be a leader who pants to lead by fulfilling his campaign promises to the electorate haven made himself an extra ordinary Governor who is going farther to break fallow grounds in Adamawa.

Should one want to know one of his distinctive, Jibrilla has done credible well in terms of roads construction. Networking the state's roads within the two years is indeed a miracle to many others who believe in the former way of how the state works. The story is that, In the entire Northern states of Nigeria no state is having an untarred road and almost a dead trap leading to a Local Government Headquarter except in Adamawa state. Gov. Bindow has doggedly removed the veil of shame and is given the area and state a new name.

His most heart touching road projects is the construction of Kiri /Sheleng road which was neglected for over forty years of the existence of that LG. No administration whether military or civilian has taken a bold step to construct a road to the LG that has over 150,000 thousand people and produced farms products in no small measures for the consumption of the general public. So goes the community of Yulde pate in Yola South LGA where a road of over thirty years was abandoned until the coming of a Governor who has his people at heart and Adamawa State began to feel the impact of good governance.

The over 106 roads constructed across the State, the street lightening System, the tones of fertilizer, the state of emergency on education, the state of emergency on Health sector, the reviving of Mubi burnt bricks industry, the over 100 Tractors and over 200 ridges is a watershed recorded achievements that break the York of underdevelopment in the state.

Is no longer news this gentleman Governor is working. He is delivering and is setting people free from the scrunch of poverty, setting free the state from the monster of stagnation and retrogressive life style that engulfed the entire state from years of stagnancy.

The list is uncountable as far as I know. The State Civil Servants enjoying their non stop salaries, for the first time education is given a priority to the level of putting a state of emergency to the sector. Primary Health Cares of some areas were upgraded to a referral hospitals. This Man is indeed working.

No wonder, the Daily Times Newspaper is attracted with the high magnitude of this working Governor, achieving unprecedented feat of development within two years in office. Having only one vision, to see Adamawa becomes a more developed state than anyone in the Nigeria. Bindow's believe is that it's the act of leadership that turn situation of any given Country, state or region;  "It's because of good leadership Dubai ,Paris, USA, London are the  most attractive countries in the world." Sure Bindow's style of leadership is  development personify,changing, rewriting the history and given the state another  cover page of attractions.

Behold the promise fulfilling Governor when he promised he will not hesitate to fulfilled it, his ears are stiff debt to the criticism of Adamawa enemies and focus  on giving his attention to the plights of the masses. He will be awarded, recognise and crown again as a Governor with a difference in the entire North Eastern Nigeria. Haven been awarded by other News agency, now is the time of Daily Times newspaper, the only surviving Pre independence news gem in the country.

It is not a surprise to many indigenes of Adamawa state and indeed Nigerians that Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, the Executive Governor of the state is one of the recipient of the Leadership Newspaper 2016 National Award.

This is because of the predicated facts of his laudable projects In the state. His administration has touched many parts of the state not only with roads projects but real development in its essence in all phases of life.

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