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 By Catherine Philip Jelani

United Nations Population Funds UNFPA is currently undergoing a monitoring and evaluation of its expenditure, facilities and progress in the state. The tour began with a courtesy visit on the Permanent Secretary of the State Planning Commission, Mahmud Abubakar and a visit to the Adamawa State Red Cross Office, Yola today in order to inspect a proposed spot for the storage of Menstrual and Sanitary kits for IDPs in the State.

The delegates are; Gloria Enueze UNFPA Programme Officer, Godwin Francis International Operations Manager and Rasheed Amusa Finance/Admin. Associates.

While at the Permanent Secretary’s office, Rasheed  Amusa, the Finance /Admin Associate UNFPA, asked the Permanent Secretary  to mention the challenges being faced if any. Responding, Abubakar said that their challenges includes; security and accommodation for the storage of relief materials provided by UNFPA. Another key challenge is monitoring and evaluation of field work because most of the relief materials are being stored and distributed outside the Commission and sometimes outside the State Capital. However, the Commission only receives and reads report without confirmation.

Similarly, the Commission lacks vehicles and equipment like computers, printers, generators etc to enable it function effectively.

Mrs. Gloria Enueze, UNFPA Programme Officer in a remark emphasized on the need for the State Government to contributes its (GCC) that will enable UNFPA to see the readiness of the State for good Partnership.

The Permanent Secretary together with the Management of the Commission led the UNFPA delegates to the State Red Cross Office where the Warehouse Manager, Ibrahim Audu, the Information Officer Hassan Laido, the Security Officer Hussaini Ahmed and other Officers of the Yola Office took the August visitors round the facility. Abubakar said, the old structure has been in existance before the insurgency era and the new post insurgency era.

However, the old structure was in a very bad condition and cannot serve the purpose intended unless it is being renovated. Mrs. Gloria Enueze, the Programme Officer advised that a better option be made pending when the Warehouse can be renovated. Her major concern is the temperature of the store because it is really hot here in Yola therefore, without a favourable weather condition the safety of the kits will be at stake. She said that the Warehoused will be renovated by the UNFPA while the State Government will be saddle with the responsibility of providing appropriate means of preserving and protecting the kits. Mrs. Enueze said that the kits will be brought in December, next month for distribution among IDPs.

More so, the team moved to the Yola South Local Government Area's Vetenary Clinic in search of a temporary Warehouse pending the time that the permanent one at the State Red Cross Office will be renovated. Again, the team was taken round by the Officers of the State Office to inspect the facility. They were impressed with the weather condition of the area although there is still need to put some things in place before the kits will be delivered in to the state.

Similarly, Dr. Idirisa Danladi, UNFPA Programme Operating Officer in the State led the UNFPA delegates to the State Specialist Hospital in Yola North Local Government Area where some of its major cases related to women's health and protection are being attended to for assessment and verification. They were taken round the facility by Musa who is in charge of UNFPA matters and some medical Doctors. They went to the theater, and wards to see things for themselves.

The UNFPA delegates seem to be very impressed with the results on ground.

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