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By Barnabas Augustine 


Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has presented over one hundred and forty billion naira appropriation bill to Adamawa State House of Assembly for consideration. 

Presenting the proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year, Governor Fintiri said a total of one hundred and forty billion, thirty four million, four hundred and nine thousand, four hundred and forty (N140, 034,409,440) naira was proposed.

Tagged “Budget of Stabilisation”, a total of seventy two billion, eight hundred and seventeen million, eight hundred and ninety two thousand, nine hundred and ten (N72,817,892,910) naira was allotted for capital expenditure representing 52% while sixty seven billion, two hundred and sixteen million, five hundred and sixteen thousand, five hundred and thirty (N67,216,516,530) naira representing 48% was earmarked for recurrent expenditure. 

According to Governor Fintiri the amount to execute the budget will be generated from statutory allocation forty billion, nine hundred and five million, two hundred and sixty seven thousand, nine hundred and five (N40,905,267,905) naira; Value Added Tax eighteen billion, eight hundred and eight million, six hundred and forty one thousand , five hundred and thirty five (N18,818,641,535) naira; Internally Generated Revenue twelve billion, six hundred and fifteen million, five hundred thousand  (N12,615,500,000) naira; Stamp Duty two billion naira (N2,000,000,000); Excess Crude one billion, five hundred million (N1,500,000,000) naira; and Exchange Rate Difference two billion, six hundred and fifteen million naira (N2,615,000,000).

Others are Stabilisation Fund Receipts two billion, five hundred million (N2,500,000,000 ) naira; Non-Oil Revenue one billion five hundred million (N1,500,000,000) naira; Support Fund (FGN Intervention) three billion naira (N3,000,000,000); and Capital Receipt fifty five billion, seventy million (N55,070,000,000) naira. 

In the 2021 fiscal year, Governor Fintiri said thirty billion, five hundred and forty seven million, two hundred and two thousand, nine hundred and sixty four (N30,547,202,964) naira will be expended on Personnel Emolument while sixteen billion, six hundred and sixty nine million, three hundred and thirteen thousand, five hundred and sixty six (N16,669,313,566) naira will be expended on Over Head Cost. Twenty billion (N20,000,000,000) naira will be spent on Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges and seventy two billion, eight hundred and seventeen million, eight hundred and ninety two thousand, nine hundred and ten (N72,817,892,910) naira is for Capital Expenditure.

Governor Fintiri said areas to receive most priority in the appropriation bill are Health  with six billion, four hundred and seventy two million, seventy five thousand (N6,472,075,000) naira; critical infrastructure Which Include Urban And Rural roads 16 billion, two million, seven hundred and fourteen thousand, five hundred (N16,002,714,500) naira and Agriculture three billion, six hundred and thirteen million, two hundred and sixty four thousand (N3,613,264,000)naira.

Education, according to Governor will continue to be among his administration priority having Education Sector have multiplier effect on other sectors. He maintained free education, feeding and SSCE examination will be sustained to the end of his administration this will be complemented with recruitment of 2,000 qualified teachers to boost the sector among other developmental project in the sector.

 Youth and women empowerment are also top priority in the proposed budget. As Technical Skill Acquisition Centres in the state will be revamp, 3 Farming Skill Acquisition Centre- one for each zone will be established for the purpose of developing the youths for self reliance. Also garment industry for youths and women has been proposed Governor Fintiri maintained.

Governor Fintiri explained in 2020, the State Government budgeted over 97.4 billion naira for capital expenditure and was later revised to over 76.6 billion naira. Adding only 14.7 billion naira was expended as at 30th September 2020 on priority projects and programmes in Works, Education, Health, Agriculture, General Administration among others.

He said the low performance in terms of capital projects in the 2020 approved budget was as a result of dwindling revenue inflow from the federation account due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding, the Speaker Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Iya Abbas Aminu Plea to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to consider Primary School Teachers who are still earning less.

He assured by next week, the House will commenced sitting for the defence of the budget by the relevant Government MDAs.

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