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Adamawa State Governor, The Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru  Fintiri has extended his warmest felicitations to all the children of Nigeria on the occasion of the Children’s Day celebration.

“This comes as I prepare to begin my second term as the Governor of our dear State and promise you that I will not betray your trust.”
Governor Fintiri noted that “This special occasion serves as a reminder of the immense importance and value we place on our children, who are the future leaders and custodians of our great state.”

While commending the resilience of Nigerian children and their parents, he regretted the harrowing experiences of insecurity and daunting economic challenges facing families today.

He noted that Children's Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the well-being and development of children, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive and succeed. He therefore assured that as a government, “We remain committed to providing quality education, healthcare, and a nurturing environment that will enable every child in Adamawa State to reach their full potential.”

According to Governor Fintiri, his Government recognizes the inherent rights of every child, including their right to education, health, protection, and participation. “It is our duty to safeguard and promote these rights, working tirelessly to create an inclusive society where every child can grow, learn, and play without fear or discrimination.”

“In our quest to ensure a brighter future for our children, my administration has continued to prioritize investments in education and healthcare. We have embarked on significant infrastructural projects, such as the construction and rehabilitation of schools, the provision of learning materials, and the training of teachers to enhance the quality of education in the state.”

While congratulating Nigerian children on the 2023 Children’s Day celebration, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri encourage parents, guardians, and caregivers to prioritize the welfare and well-being of their children. “Let us nurture them with love, support, and guidance, ensuring that they grow up to become responsible, compassionate, and productive members of society.”

To the children of Adamawa State, Governor Fintiri described them as the pride of our land. “Your innocence, curiosity, and boundless energy remind us of the joy and hope that reside within each and every one of you. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, dream big, and never be deterred by challenges. Remember that with determination, hard work, and the support of your families, teachers, and the government, you can achieve anything you set your minds to.”

“As we celebrate the 2023 Children's Day, let us recommit ourselves to the welfare and development of our children. Together, let us build a prosperous Adamawa State where every child can flourish, thrive, and contribute to our collective growth.”

Humwashi Wonosikou
Press Secretary to the Governor

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