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Dear sir,


I send you warm regards and sincere Respects.

My attention has been drawn to a Story on your webpage purporting that the Adamawa State Governor was harassed in his hometown of Mubi. This is not only false but indeed baseless.

I am the Hon Commissioner for Information and also an indigence of Mubi.  As a colleague of yours I find the story a little bit out of sync because it is unthinkable that such an event took place at any point in time and that no other source heard of it or reported.

I tried to locate the date the purported event occurred within the body of your story but none was available. I also tried to locate the identity of the so called Members of a Committee he sent to Mubi who purportedly spent a night in Maiha but none is given.

Moreover, I also tried to locate any statement regarding your reporter's efforts to contact the Governor or any of the Offices working with him for an attempt to balance the story as required by our professional ethics but none is indicated.

In the light of my observations above, I sincerely believe that whoever gave you the story to publish on your site just wanted to embarrass His Excellency the Governor for some sinister motive or probably it was just plain mischief which your reporter unknowingly bought into.

However, be rest assured that we hold you in very high esteem and will continue to respect you as a veritable source of Information.

Best wishes.

Ahmad Sajoh
Hon. Commissioner
Ministry of Information
Adamawa State Government

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