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BY: Ahmad Sajoh
The alleged plot to impeach the Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Muhammad Umar Jibrilla by a fictitious set of Members of the State House of Assembly is indeed a huge joke initiated and promoted by some mischief makers who are bent on ensuring that the state remains stunted in growth and perpetually backward. Otherwise how could one explain the fact that professional mischief makers have made Adamawa State a permanent home of political turmoil even at the expense of development of the State? Right from May 2014 to the end of that year, these mischief makers connived to make the state ungovernable to a point where three regimes were established in three months. Most of those in the forefront of entrenching such a regime of confusion in the state never did so out of patriotism or a desire to develop the state. Their avowed interest is just to cause confusion and reap generous dividends from such confusion. Most of those who signed a letter calling for the removal of Bala Ngillari ended up serving his government as political appointees or receiving monetary favours from the regime.
When Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla came to power in May 2015 majority of them made spirited overtures to the new regime for one favour or the other. When most of them failed to secure such favours because the new Governor preferred to expend state resources on development projects rather than dispense favours to individuals it became apparent that they were prepared to go back to the trenches for yet another process of brewing confusion in the state. In the absence of any litigation challenging the validity of the election of Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla, some professional interlopers decided to exhume a dead issue of the tenure of one the past Governors whom they never spared while he was in power to hatch a litigation plot and use it to unseat the Governor. They kept hammering on the issue of a supposed tenure elongation as if their lives depended on it.
However, when they realised that the litigations may not yield the desired dividend, they quickly resorted to cooking up a false story of an impeachment plot that holds no iota of truth at all. One wonders how a Governor who sends a supplementary Appropriation Bill to the House of Assembly can be deemed to have breached the Constitution. Every accusation leveled against the Governor in the Media is not only false but in fact exist only in the figment of the imagination of those peddling such rumours. The Chairman Adamawa State House of Assembly Committee on Information had elaborately provided answers to all questions raise by anyone thinking of pointing accusing fingers at the Governor or the Executive arm under the circumstances. It smirks of pure mischief to turn around and lie about the same Issues in order to create another bout of confusion in the state.
As a government we are at lost as to the energy expended by these mischief makers in creating confusion in the state without using any of it to either confront our development challenges, the insecurity in the state or to assist victims of such insecurity. It is ironic that to date, no individual or notable group in Adamawa has taken any step towards assisting the numerous Internally Displaced Persons in the state. Those who do so are essentially the ordinary citizens who are always patriotic and supportive of genuine progress of Adamawa State. They are also the ones who elected Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla as Governor of Adamawa State. For those who are peddling lies about the funds received from the former NSA, let them know that when the dust settles all will be revealed including those who collected such monies to bring down a regime in the state and those who did so in order to stop the Governor from winning the last elections. Truth is like pregnancy, it will surely be exposed one day.
It is pertinent to note that His Excellency Governor Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla and indeed the Government of Adamawa State will not be stampeded or railroad into elevating such mischief makers out of their obscurity to importance by joining issues with them whenever they carry out their mischief. Rather, as a responsible government, we are obligated to provide our electorates the much needed dividends of democracy. Where occasion demands we shall not hesitate to provide information on all matters of governance as a policy of government and in promotion of transparency but certainly not as a means of responding to mischief makers who never wish the state well.

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