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By; Hamira  Z Yosi
The Hounarable Commissioner Ministry of Transport Alhaji Yahya Faruk  said that there is need to address the members to know their responsibilities because a board cannot be  on its own but rather answerable to a ministry, he urged board of internal revenue to know their duties because he already written a memo to the state house of assembly.
The Commissioner also thanked the executive governor of the state senator Muhammadu umaru jibirilla for appointing him as a commissioner and promised  to be transparent to his administration in order to carry the state forward. He appealed to the government to look into their problem by providing enough equipment so as to generate more revenue to the state  because the ministry need a change for this cannot be achieved without the support of the management.
In his contribution the policy consultant Iliya Gashinbaki who said their mission for  touring the state is to see for themselves whether the state is progressing in terms of revenue and find out whether there are  hitches because  they are in the position to Address it . He said he is happy because the ministry have played their role in feeding them with vital information and hope to work in partnership with the ministry.
The consultant Mr Iliya Gashinbaki also emphasise that it is their duty to visit agency like the Adamawa transport, Land and survey,commerce and industry and those who are in charge of revenue generation.
Also commenting on the same issue, the permanent secretary stress the need for the ministry to have  check and balance to ease the work of the Ministry. Because the ministry has already wrote a proposal for employment of drivers for the ministry to generate more revenue. The Permanent Secretary Mrs kdzai also said if civil servants will be given a chance for transparency so that when ever they scandal money or government property they would be held responsible to pay it and she therefore solicited for cooperation and understanding among the staff. The VIO also pointed out that there is only one  vehicle in the ministry and only 17 staff while their counterpart like Taraba have about 50 staffs and urged the present  government   to employ VIO’s so as to reduce unemployment.
In conclusion the general manager  (GM) called on the ministry to do their best in carying out their duties .
those who were present are:
1.Alhaji Yahya farouk ___________ H C Chairman  
2.Mrs mary musa kdzai ____________ perm sec member
3.Alhaji Ahmed baba nyako ___________ G M Member
4.Titus E.jalani __________ Director Planning Research and Satistics _______ member
5.John M.kwaghe ________ CIVO _________ member
6.Joseph Tumba _______ CIVO _______member
7.Williams M Joko _______ CIVO _______member
8. Iliya Gashinbaki  ________ ( SREP ) ________ member
9.Garba Umar _________  ( SREP ) _______ member
10.Aisha Hammani _______( SREP ) _______member
11.Barr. Abdulmalik Hayatu _________ member
12. Hajiya Hauwa Abba ________ ( SO ) __________ member
13.Emith Balanso __________ member
14.Hamira .Z . Yosi __________ member
15.Innocent Auduga _______ member
16.Aliyu Mijinyawa _________ member

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