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By Gilbert Benjamin Bumdakumso

One of the greatest frustrations and nightmares of the people of Adamawa State for over two decades is poor and dilapidated road networks or complete lack of it on most major roads and settlements within the State. Streets like Church streets, Doubeli Street, Jambutu Ward, Wauru Jabbe, Masakare, Faro Road, Yolde Pate, Mubi Road, Jimeta-Yola Road, Rumde, Shinko Unguwan Tana and many others too numerous to mention have been in a total state of disrepair. Plying these roads by the people of the State day in day out, especially the residents of these major settlements have been a very horrible experience for a long period of time. 

Especially during rainy season, the roads are completely not motorable and houses are submerged due to lack of good drainages.

Previous Governments came and left without paying serious attention to these roads, worst of all is that they made the rehabilitation and construction of these roads to look as if it’s a very difficult project to undertake. But, with the coming of the present administration of Governor Muhammad Umar Jibrilla (Bindow), in just less than 2 years of its existence, the story is completely different now; Bindow has taken the bull by the horn to ensure that this horrible nightmare of poor road networks is addressed.

Presently, these roads have either been constructed and or rehabilitated as the case may be, the roads are now motorable and the long time horrible nightmare of the people of Adamawa State and especially the residents of these major settlements have been taken away.

This magic is not only being undertaken within Jimeta and Yola only, but Mubi and other places. Massive road constructions are ongoing.  However, there is a very clear indication that other places that have not received the touch of Bindow magic will soon follow suit as Bindow has vowed that Adamawa State and its environs must be cleared of potholes and bad road networks.

The metropolitan roads which hitherto have shown clear signs for attention with cracks and potholes everywhere have now been attended to, all have been asphalted and motorists are now having a smooth drive within the modern city of Jimeta which is undergoing total rebranding, courtesy of  Bindow Magic.
The most interesting part of the road projects going on is the construction of drainages all over the place. The drainages are not built with blocks as it was done previously but, the drainages are cast with irons and concrete to stand the taste of time. This will equally go a long way in addressing the issue of flooding which the state had suffered for some time now.

Standards and quality is also another interesting part of all these important projects that are going on in the State. The Governor is not relenting even as he goes out from time to time to inspect these projects and ensuring that the standard is not compromised. He ensures that the projects are well monitored and suppervised.

Adding beauty to the Land of Beauty whose Beauty has eluded for many years due to years of maladministration, Jimeta and Yola have been connected to Street Lights. Other Streets within Jimeta are also on the threshold of being connected. No wonder, Adamawa State is now described as a Small London on one hand and on the other hand, some described Adamawa State as one of the fastest growing State Capital in the Country. Infact, the serene and atmosphere is so beautiful to behold in the night.

No doubt, Bindow is now a Magician, because he has done what other several Governors in the past were not able to do. No doubt Bindow Means Business because he has demonstrated very clearly that he is a more Patriotic Leader so far, no doubt the light and the hope of Adamawa transformation and rebranding lies completely with him because if Governor Bindow could be able to achieve these just within a year and some couple of months, there is no iota of doubt that the next few years will be a harvest of developments.

However, recently is the award of Atiku Abubakar Road popularly known as Mubi Road which the previous administrations have abandoned for many years despite it centrality within the metropolis. The use of the road in the last few years by motorist has been very frustrating but so far, rehabilitation and construction of drainages has since reached advanced stage of completion and its almost at the verge of completion.

It is also proper to commend Governor Bindow for his doggedness. He has also succeeded in returning some erring road contractors who collected funds and abandoned the projects back to site in other to complete the projects. So much progress has been made and the effort and target of eliminating potholes within the metropolis and environs is yielding positive result. This is Bindow's Magic rebranding Adamawa State.

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