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The Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) Agency was established in 2003 after the Government decided to embark on the complete computerization of the cadastral and land registry of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.   The establishment of AGIS was officially a part of the Ministry of the Federal Capital Territory (MFCT) Dissolution Order 1. 2004, which also gave birth to the present structure we have today in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).  The Order 1 2004 further charged AGIS with the responsibility for the generation, management and Administration of geospatial and land related matters in the FCT before it demerger with Land Administration Department. 

The organization has the duty to provide basic quality services, which every citizen is entitled to, in a fair, honest, effective, timely and transparent manner.  The Abuja Geographic Information Systems is the only official source for Geospatial Data covering the entire FCT with comprehensive, all-inclusive, state-of-the-art, fool proof, computerized, Geospatial Data Infrastructure for the Territory.  We also serve as a source for accurate information and improve the effectiveness of land-related agencies of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA); as well as maximizing Land Revenue Generation through improvement in customer services, which is crucial for sustenance of of good governance. 


Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Abuja Geographic Information Systems under the current leadership of Malam Muhammadu Musa Bello in the last two years has recorded tremendous achievements in delivering services to Nigerians particularly our esteem customers.  

During the period under review, AGIS has been able to deploy customized cutting-edge accounting software. The software, which is one of its kinds amongst the public sector institutions in the country, is aimed at plugging revenue leakages and curb corruption in the agency.   

The software, known as Microsoft Dynamics, was in the most part configured by AGIS in-house staff, to reduce the lengthy protocol the agency usually undertook in the generation of bills, tracking transactions and issuance of receipts of payment. The Application integrates seamlessly with the Land Information System (LIS) and the collection banks’ interfaces, thereby automating the processes of revenue collection, customer file updates, auditing and checking end – to – end, thus, making the entire workflow very effective for operational analysis.   

The deployment is to make most of the financial/accounting operations obtained at the click of the button by any authorized officer who requires no core IT Knowledge.  Until recently, trained database administrators obtained most analysis from long and tedious processes of database scripting and queries only.    Distinguished Guests, AGIS is collaborating with its Software Service partners to upgrade the application and provide components to automate the entire AGIS service desk, Customer Service operations, Resource Management, online portal and mobile application. 


For the purpose of clarity, the Microsoft Dynamics as installed in AGIS is aimed at plugging leakages and ensure accountability and transparency in revenue generation, which has gone a long way to expand our horizon in terms of revenue generation.  To further improve efficiency and meet up with the demands for the production of Certificates of Occupancy for conveyance to eligible allotees, AGIS is automating the workflow of the entire processes.

The project is leveraging on the existing ICT infrastructure of AGIS, the computerized Land Administration Tools user for this purpose, namely: - The AGIS Land Information System (LIS), the AGIS local Intranet and new technologies available to provide effective speed, monitoring and a system of live information and feedback at the click of the button. The application, when fully deployed will automatically generate list of allotee files that are ready for C - of - O (100% payment of relevant fees), instantly sends the list to and alert the audit unit to confirm the payments.

And after audit confirmation the different lists are sent for production, vetting or Customer Service according to the status of the file contained.  The cycle continues automatically up to C of O Execution and Storage when the customer is notified to come for conveyance.  This is designed and implemented through an application system that would import    (from LIS) Secured list ready for C of O production. Reduce Access to LIS by other Stockholder’s units/departments thereby securing the system from outside users. The application is to automate the C of O production workflow through the Internet within the AGIS network.

This has been a deliberate pursuance by this Administration for the drastic improvement in Customer Services especially as it relates to printing of Certificates of Occupancy, Legal Searches and payment of Land fees.  The process has been made easy because in the past, Legal Searches used to take more than a week to get the Search Report but with the current initiative, Search Reports can now be obtained within one working day. This proactive initiative was by bringing together relevant officers in one location, which has proved more effective. 

My dear colleagues, Gentlemen of the Press, it is worth mentioning that AGIS had outstanding liabilities for over four years for contracts delivered. In fact, the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello has just approved funds for the settlement of all matured bills in respect of Capital Project executed for the Abuja Geographic Information Systems worth N106,509,137.20. 

Some of the payments settled were for Extension of AGIS Systems to Support FCT-Wide Spatial Data Integrated Services amounting to N50,276,713.50 and Design, Networking and Installation of E-Accounting Software amounting N29,690,219.91 among others.    In order to reposition AGIS for better service delivering, the present FCT Administration in the last few months embarked on massive personnel redeployment to flush out bad eggs from the system.

The exercise led to the moving out of 23 staff from the Abuja Geographic Information Systems. And therefore, we now have competent and reliable staff to drive the system in line with the Change Agenda of the Federal Government.  

Thank you for your attention.  

Dr. Isa Ibrahim Jalo Director,

Abuja Geographic Information Systems


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