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Koongol silver tongue is a Media and Language Training Institute in Adamawa  state. The word KOONGOL is a fulfulde word  meaning “voice”. Koongol silver tongue is the first media institute in the North - Eastern Nigeria, established in January, 2011 and it will be officially commissioned in 2018. However , The main goal of koongol silver tongue is to plan with DESCRITION write with PRECISION and speak without APPREHENSION. Before KOONGOL,  the North East region the North -east had no such facility, most seekers of such opportunity had to travel to states like Lagos, Kaduna or elsewhere   not within vicinity.

It is  believed that proximity of koongol silver tongue to the over 25 Media Stations in the region and many more around Nigeria,  has given professionals the opportunity to secure vital training and retraining within their location.

The Institute is aimed at providing access to professionals from various backgrounds  to easily acquire such vital skills like: public speaking, events management, public relations, advertising, marketing, translation  interpretation, brand identity management as well as general communication consultancy.

Some remarkable achievements recorded so far by KOONGOL  since inception, the Institute graduate five (5) sets with a total number of 150 Alumni,
it has been able to fill in a major gap in the professional development of   various stakeholders, It has dramatically reduced the distance and cost of acquiring highly qualitative professional training in a board range of fields without stress, It has been able to prove that there is a sea of veteran mid career experts of emerging generation of KOONGOL Alumni who could drive the koongol dream to its logical destination.

As students of KOONGOL, we stepped into KOONGOL with a GOLDEN tongue and graduated with a SILVER tongue. Though, we are not birds ,we have no wings to fly, but we are armed with KOONGOL wings,we can fly using words and we have confidence in our ability to touch the sky with the power of KOONGOL .

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