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By Aida Asama

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism day as international observance on September 27 since 1980. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide.

However , the theme of 2018 is “Tourism and the Digital Transformation".  World tourism day, celebrated around the world is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development. This year’s world’s tourism day (WTD) will help put the opportunities provided to tourism, by technological advances, including data, artificial intelligence and digital platforms, on the map of sustainable development. Harnessing innovations and digital advances provides tourism with opportunities to improve local community empowerment and efficient resources management.

Adamawa state like the rest of the World was not left out of this celebration as Miss Tourism  Nigeria, Favour Christopher was at Kiri Dam to celebrate this unique day. Commenting on WTD, she said there is so much joy in her as today is her day and that is why she choose kiri dam, because it’s a place of tourism that the state is yet to harness. It can also serve as a power plant for Adamawa state, thereby reducing dependence on Kayeji Dam. Before embarking on this trip,  she in co-operated the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, where the Honourable Commissioner , Hon. Nathan T. Magaji, Honourable Commissioner for Environments Hon.  Hamaji J. Bulus, Honourable Commissioner of Trade and Cooperatives Hon. Mathias Ngaro and other staff of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism were attendance.               

The tour started with a visit to the village Head of Kiri Zaki Jabbo Bekko, where the Honorable Commissioner of Culture and Tourism introduced his entourage and the special guest,  Miss Tourism Nigeria. He said they were in Kiri to explore  the tourist site that kiri has to offer and also,  as he had been saying times without number in the media, about the hippopotamus in the Dam. He said kiri is a very good site for tourist attraction.

In her remark,  Miss Tourism said Kiri has a lot to offer even the Dam on its own is a site    to behold.  More so,  she agreed with Hon.  Nathan that Kiri is indeed a Tourist site.
On the other hand,  the Village Head of Kiri, Zaki  Jabbo Bekko said though there was no written document about the visit but only words of mouth, it would be improper to jump protocol as the District Head should be informed about this visit. However he welcomed Miss Tourism to Kiri and wished her a successful visit. As part of her hygiene project, she presented to the village Head of kiri a good number of liquid soap and dettol for the community.  Zaki Jabbo Bekko thanked her for the kind gesture. 

At the District's Head place, the Honorable Commissioner Hon.  Nathan introduced the entourage and the purpose for the visit. Alhaji Adu Yola,  the District Head of Kiri was very happy to see them and said this is the first time any Government Agency is making its way there on an enlightenment campaign. He was overwhelmed by the three Commissioners presence as well as that of Miss Tourism Nigerian.  He also wished them well and thanked Miss Tourism for the gifts. She also presented liquid soap and dettol at district head of kiri place as part of hygiene campaign.  


From the Districts Head's of kiri place, they processed to the Dam site, where they received a warm reception and the General Manager of the Dam Mal. Umar Mohammed,  welcome them. Umar mohammed Wuro Chekki, told them about the importance of the Dam and the economic value it has to the surrounding villages. He told them of the technicality of maintaining water level at the upstream and downstream of the site, so as to avoid flooding. A normal top level is 600000  million cubic meter of water  has to be in the reservoir, if it goes above there will be flood and thereby they have a 24/7 shift of staff to ensure it does not occur and to maintain water level. He thanked Miss Tourism for the visit and the three Hon. Commissioners who took time to come; he assured them that kiri is a peaceful place to stay. The group was entertained by the cultural dance troop and they went for a boat ride.                                      

In a closing remark,  the Honorable Commissioner for Trade and Cooperatives, Hon.  Mathias Ngaro said it was a glorious day, because it was something out of the normal. He got excited when for the visit as he loves out door adventure and mostly natural settings. He had enjoyed the day.
Also, Miss Tourism said she was happy to have achieved this goal, though hectic but she is happy because everything went well from start to finish. She thanked the three Commissioners and the  staff  from Culture and Tourism for coming on this tour with her.   

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