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By Catherine Philip Jelani

The Office of Bureau of Public Procurement BPP in the state has recently trained more than 30 CSOs/Media Practitioners on Understanding the Procurement Process in the State and the roles of CSOs in the process at AUN Hotel from July 4th – 5th, 2019.

The training is geared towards attaining an avenue for partnership between BPP and CSOs/Media because CSOs are; non-governmental organizations, non-profit making org., have presence in public life, seek to advance the cause of specific interest etc. which is why RoLAC comes in to provide all the technical assistance required to ensure a successful collaboration.

The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) Programme is however working to strengthen the application of law and curb corruption in the systems of government and it is being funded by the European Union EU. with British Council as its implementing body.

RoLAC operates in the federal level and in four focal States. The States are Adamawa, Anambra, Kano, and Lagos. This programme was launched in 2017.
RoLAC consists of four different Components that focuses on;
1.       Criminal Justice Reform.
2.    Access to Justice for women, children and people with disabilities.
3.    Strengthening the fight against corruption.
4.    Citizens’ Engagement in criminal justice reforms and the fight against corruption.

In an interview granted by RoLAC Resource Person, Mr Chukwuma Chinaka at the end of the training, he pointed out that the training focuses on RoLAC Component 3.4. Saying that by the virtue of the intervention by the RoLAC progamme, a foundation has been laid and the foundation if being laid in all places will aid the strengthening of government processes especially in the Procurement Processes in the State.

Similarly, he commended the BPP in the State saying;

“I commend the BPP of the State, they have done well. Though there are still opportunities for improvement and that is why we are here but giving the fact that it came up in 2013, the Law establishing it was passed in 2012 and enacted in 2013”.

According to Chinaka, implementation of Procurement Process has been slow even in the Federal level. He commended Adamawa for being among the few States that have the Board with full strength cabinet, and out of the few that have set up procurement Cadre and has its policy advisory Council out of other States.

When asked about his take on the participants, he said;

"I see a people who are determine to track procurement implementation in the State. A people who knew nothing  hitherto about the procurement process. Only a handful of them knew about the presence of the Law. Am not sure any of them has really read the Law fully and there lies a pure gab because for them to actually get involved in the process, they should understand the process. It is only then that they can objectively be involved in the strengthening the process.”

Before the end of the training, the participants were asked to draft a short term action plan that could be actualized within the period of three month which they did in their various groups.

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