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  BY George Kushi

In the past few days,  Adamawa State has been in the Whirlpool of news across the country for the level of vandalization that took place in the supposed attempt to collect palliatives of the COVID 19 pandemic by towing the line of demonstrations in some states.

Adamawa State came to the fore as ENDSARS campaign was hijacked by hoodlums and thugs ostensibly sponsored by political opponents of the state Government.

What began as an attempt to get food food from Government stores and Warehouses quickly rigmarole to include all visible objects including private property. Worst of all was the attempt to loot the Amoury of the Customs band Excise Department in Yola. This event in itself lends credence  to the fact that the goal of the perpetrators is not to get food but rather to further other intents  than humanitarian ones. What is the connection between weaponry and hunger? From all indications other forces have particular interest in what happened in the State. To further compound issues , private property including a hospital handed over to the state Government free of charge to help in the fight against COVID 19 as an isolation center was vandalized with several  expensive equipments carted away.

It therefore stands to be questioned as what is the rationale behind the vabdalization of properties donated for humanitarian reasons .
SHAMAD, a thriving business long before the COVID 19, owned by a private business man was not spared. Goods of all kinds were carted away under the false pretense that they are COVID 19 palliatives. Primary Health Care facilities, a commendable effort by the state Government to address medical problems in the State were not left untouched as the stores were broken into and drugs carted away . The same thing happened at the NYSC orientation Camp where mattresses, uniforms, tables, chairs, food item were carted away all in the name of palliatives. More intriguing is that even Tractors in NECAS facility were removed wholly and later vandalized bon the street of Yola.

Remarkably, the Governor was swift in taking action otherwise the Carnage would have degenerated to the worst case scenario. The swift reaction of Governor Fintiri in declaring the CURFEW helped stemmed the anti social behaviour f the hoodlums, petty thieves and visibly politically sponsored thugs whose primary concern is to create disaffection, distract and bring the State Government to its knees.

On the first day of the Curfew, it must be said that  the security forces did credibly well such that the blood letting was limited to very few instances . The police was cautious not to aggravate issues since in the first place it was the ENDSARS " protest on a police unit that brought about demonstrations that was later hijacked by miscreants. The armed forces involved also exercised restraint as they limited their arrests by excluding those with food items but ensured that those who took office equipments, Tractors, motorcycles etc  were apprehended. In all these, Government kept a close watch to ensure that there is no unnecessary loss of lives.

Inspire of all these, opposition political no gooders  where sharp in their efforts to taint the government. Supported  by clueless praise singers and quack social media e- rats , the State Government came under attack so as to score cheap political points.
They went to the extent of criticizing the Governors curfew declaration,  the Governor's order for House to House search for stolen machinery , office equipments etc which later yielded results as those responsible for the theft discarded some of the items on the streets of Yola. It is a fact that the resolute decision of the Governor helped reduced the lose of government considerably.
His decision did not only help reduce the loss but ensured the security and safety of lives and property of the average citizen was safeguarded  from hoodlums who went on rampage robbing and threatening innocent citizens.

On the third day of the Curfew, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was on the various sites of vabdalization in the State to take stock of the damage done to the state's economy. It is actually difficult to quantify the loss but a rough estimate was necessary for him o set up the necessary machinery for resucitating the damage done to the frail economic status of Adamawa State.

In the heat of all these, the Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri remains focused and will not be distracted by neophyte rabble-rousers that want to capitalize through acts of provocation to distabilize the Government. When issues concerns collosal loss of properties and potential loss of lives , individual problems should not be turned into political issues to the detriment of all citizens of the state.

As a leader of the people with genuine affection for Adamawa State citizens, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is not indifferent to events in the State . He is so concerned and having sleepless nights and should therefore not be disturbed with petty issues by hired political jobbers paid to derail him from his tracks that would rid Adamawa State to quick economic recovery and greater development.

George Kushi is the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State.

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