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BY: Aisha Saad

The two day training was held at AUN Hotels here in Yola from 13th - 14th July, 2021.

Mr. Danjuma Muhammad, a facilitator at the training took the participants through the concept of ‘ Peace, Violence and Conflict’. He defined Peace as a time without war or fight. Conflict as disharmony between two or more people. While Violence could be physical or emotional.

 He said ‘Physical violence is the use of force to cause destruction, while emotional violence could be a threat to one’s life’.

He further took the participants through the core concept of conflict analysis using two samples, that is Conflict tree and Onion Donut analysis. Mr. Danjuma, uses a tree diagram to explain to the participants that in tree analysis,  the root is the genesis of the  problem, trunk is the actors involved while the branches are the consequences of violence which can leads to  fighting, killings and so on. Adding that  the   Onion /Donut analysis, analyses what revolves around the conflict,  it identify the needs, interest and position of conflicting parties.

Consequently, the participants were made to understand how to manage/ mitigate conflict . Mr. Danjuma, stated that conflict can be resolve  through; Accommodation, Avoidance, Compromise and collaboration. 

Lastly, the resource person further deepened understanding of participants on how to resolve conflict thus: through;  mediation, Negotiation, Dialogue, and so on. 

Also, the participants were guided on how to develop an action plan  describing how they will  put what they have learned  at the training  in to practice in their various organisations. 

 Highlights of the training was group discussions and presentations by the participants. 

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