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By A Special Correspondence.

The festival of the people of sukur kingdom, located in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, is an initiation of male children into adulthood. 

Sukur is the first cultural landscape in Africa and indeed Nigerian’s first World Heritage site by UNESCO. Sukur has maintained its cultures and have been unchanged for centuries which made it a living cultural Landscape.

According to tradition, every sukur male child must be initiated before marriage, owning property and participation in any decision making regarding family and the community. 

Young people from Sukur tribe across the country came to their father land to participate in the festival. 

The Sukur initiation festival is a family thanksgiving festival and cultural practice that marks the transformation of young men   ranging from 18 years of age to adulthood. The ceremonies in Sukur is usually held in the month of August and the last for 3 to 9 days are spent on a Rock.

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