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By Catherine Philip Jelani 

The Adamawa State Primary HealthCare Development Agency Social Mobilisation Committee has organise a strategic meeting with key Stakeholders ahead of Out Break Response 1 (OBR1) for the year 2024, Thursday 29th February,  2024 at SERICC Hall, ADSPHCA with the following agenda; importance of vaccines,  strategies to improve SIA ( Supplementary Immunization Activity), and importance of engaging traditional and religious leaders.

The newly appointed Health Educator of ADSPHCA, Mohammad A. Salihu mentioned the objectives of the meeting as follows; To create awareness of an issue while addressing the issue,  to facilitate change through interdisciplinary approach,  and to support and ensure all eligible children are fully vaccinated with drops of potent.
On the other hand, Pharmacist Bulus Emokene UNICEF Consultant is a briefed thd Stakeholders on the importance of the vaccines.  He said polio outcome is paralysis, "vaccine is cheap and for prevention.  It's cheaper to prevent than to treat.  He also made it clear that there is no over dose of polio vaccine.  The more you take the more you are prevented from the virus.

Further more,  the State Health Educator explained the key strategies for improved IPDs outcome as thus; that there should be Implementation of quality Communication/Social Mobilisation plans endorsed by District Head/LGA SMC, that the rapid response teams should be supported with appropriate mobility/messages including Q and A samples,  that churches and musques be given two weeks notice prior to campaign dates amongst others.
Similarly,  the State Immunisation Officer while speaking on the need to engage the traditional and religious leaders said that the two are the gate keepers of their communities and the people listens and trust them better than someone coming from outside the community. Hence,  the need for the agency to collaborate with them towards a polio virus free Adamawa. 

Mr Innocent Udemueze,  a UNICEF Consultant told the Stakeholders that they were at the meeting as the result of the contributions that their organisations have made in the past.  He said  after this meeting, there are some roles that each MDA or member of the SMC is expected to go back and to deliver.  SMC members are sometimes assigned to LGAs to go and supervise, he said. 

Mr Titus Tenense, the Programme Manager of State Emergency Routine Immunization Coordination Center (SERICC ) who stood for the Director Immunization in a closing remark appreciated and commended all the Stakeholders for their commitment and urged them to do more for Adamawa State. He said the campaign is to sensitise the public and to strenghten routine Immunization and to encourage people to visit Primary Health Care facilty for injection.

The meeting was fruitful as important issues were raised, experiences shared amongst others.

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