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By Tom Garba

The Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in his New Year Message says he cannot thank the people of the State enough for giving him all it takes to lead them in the stat
Bindow said this in a New Year  Message signed by his S. A Press and Media Affairs, Mr Martins Dickson, Governor Bindow said:

"I cannot thank you enough, the people of Adamawa, for all the solid support given to this administration. Your continued prayers and sacrifices will help us achieve our dreams of a new Adamawa – a state where stability, security and prosperity of the people are the new basis of social contract, with progress more guaranteed than never before.

"The good people of Adamawa State,  I have the honour to lead you all into the New Year 2017 and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. The year 2017 is our year of hope and expectations, when our legacy projects and solid foundations laid for sustainable development of the socio-economic and political transformation of Adamawa State and its people, will be fully consolidated for the interests of all. "As we have progressed in the journey towards a new face of Adamawa state, I have had occasions to look back to the past where we began, and I must say without equivocation, that I feel confident to say we have not only governed prudently in many issues, but we have made a tremendous difference in the state."        
According to him no one can deny that the State have made progressive impacts in the lives of people in all sectors; and Is certain that they have raised Adamawa state to a befitting level of development, and the right note of an irreversible progress.

"As we match proudly into the year 2017, with great optimism, we are also moving towards a continued era of evolution, growth and success. I urge our people to continue to support and cooperate with the government and participate actively in all stages of governance so as to reap more and more dividends of democracy." He added

He continued to say that everyone should contribute in advancing the state towards this New Year with great positiveness and buoyancy, believing that the people and the present government are more ready and willing to make the desired sacrifices and share the cooperation necessary in keeping our state growing stronger and better for all.
"On this note, I once again wish all you all happy and prosperous New Year, 2017, and may all your dreams for the year come true!

"God bless Adamawa state!”
 God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!"

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