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I am delighted to convey the sincere felicitations of the Administration and residents of the Federal Capital Territory to Nigerian workers on the occasion of the 2018 Workers’ Day Celebrations.  The theme for the year which centres on “The Role of Labour in National Development: Dare to Struggle; Dare to Win,” is indeed very apt. Its focus on national development reflects the efforts of the present Administration to rebuild and restore the declining fortunes of the nation. In this project, the Nigerian labour, indeed, has a pivotal role to play. 

2. Right from the cradle of the Nigerian nation, no group has made more sacrifices and paid a greater price than the Nigerian worker.  From among the Labour, we find the finest corps of citizens whose patriotic efforts drive our industries and social services. You are the men and women who labour daily to run our hospitals, schools and public utilities. You build and maintain our roads, protect lives & property and account for the prospecting, processing and management of our national resources. You deserve to be adequately rewarded for the sweats of your brows and the strength of your fists.     

3. The ongoing efforts to review the salaries and wages of the Nigerian workers bear eloquent testimony of the recognition of your contributions to national development by the present government. Mr. President led the way by inaugurating a 30member Tripartite Committee to review and recommend a minimum wage for Nigerian workers.

4. As I bring our felicitations, I would like to appeal to Labour to partner with government towards the successful implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan of the present government. Your support would be useful in meeting the objectives of the plan, which include: to diversify the economy, grow skills, create wealth, expand infrastructures create jobs and ensure food security.

5. I wish you a very successful celebration.


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