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By Catherine Philip Jelani

BSD Sanga attends a one Day Seminar on  Israel's Homeland Security ( HLS) using modern technology at Israel's Embassy Abuja Wednesday. The Seminar was organised to discuss further on its up coming Conference in November, 2018 where he presented a paper on  Cyber Crime, Cyber tech and Home land Security in Nigeria.

In his paper presentation, he an gave account of the Nigerian perspective on financial and cyber technology, noting that the call for collaboration is apt. BSD Sanga being a former Chief of Staff of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said that measures had been put in place to correct such negative impression about Nigeria in the outside world.

More so, he lamented that he has never liked the fact that Nigerians are described as people who invented 419, which is basis for cybercriminal activities. “We do have a reputation for it and it is something that Nigerian as a country has worked on significantly. “There are many areas we could collaborate on, such as border security to tackle smuggling and bunkering", said Sanga.

On the other hand, Nadav Goren, Head of Mission,  Israel Embassy Abuja, said “as a leader in the area of technology, I believe we have to assist and help other countries and it is a social change of win-win situation. Mr. Goren explained that Israel technology can confidently be exported to other countries especially to Nigerian industries and companies and enable the nations to leverage on that and enhance capability of their work force.

Similarly, he emphasised that Security threats have become more complex and hard to keep ahead of it alone; the threats we had 20 years ago cannot be compared to the ones we have today and that, Nigeria has to be ahead; must have the best technology, knowledge.  "That is what we want to come and teach, and Nigeria will benefit from this, HLS and cyber technology are areas where we can build a bridge and both sides will benefit from it.”

Mr Goren concluded that plans were being made to organise a four-day International Conference in Israel on  HLS ( Home Land Security) and Cyber in Today's Technology for Future Security, the 5th International Conference & Exhibition".  it is scheduled for 12th -15th November, 2018 at Hall 2 Tel Aviv Convention Center. It will center basically on Israel innovations on Cybertech. It is designed for stakeholders in the security sector.

Other presentations made by some experts at Seminar were on Israel’s innovation on HLS and cyber technology. Some  said that partnership between Nigeria and Israel would help both countries achieve their target.

Marco Aviad, Senior Director, Business Development and Marketing of Israel’s Airspace Industry (IAI) said that cyber technology could pose security threats if not well managed. He viewed cyber system of technology as  dangerous, because anyone can steal your Identity adding that that can be controlled when one  have the right people that are well trained on cyber technology.

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