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By Barnabas Augustine

The Adamawa State Head of Service, Dr. Edgar Amos has cleared air on Government position on the employment saga at the State Polytechnic Yola, SPY.

Dr. Amos who had a chat with newsmen  in his office at the State Secretariat Complex in Yola said that the revocation of employment of the recruit staff of SPY affects only those enlisted after October 2018.

The HoS said the decision to jettison the recruit staff was base on report by three committees constituted by Adamawa Government.

“There were three committees that have relevant to the issue of the State Polytechnic. There was Visitation Panel the Government constituted and worked on the policies in terms of employment. They finished their work, made their recommendation and submitted their report to the Government, Dr. Edgar Amos said.

“There is another committee that had looked at the employment throughout the Civil Service including the State Polytechnic. That committee is yet to submit its report formally. It has submitted an advance copy of its report”.

“There is another committee constituted to implement the recommendation of the Visitation Panel that generated a lot interest.  They served people letter that their employment have been stood down”.
Dr. Amos explained the stance of the Government on the SPY recruitment saga that:

“All those who were employed before October 2018, Government recognised their employment, but Government is also in the position for the need for the polytechnic to have staff that it required”.
“Those who were employed with waiver from October 2018, the Polytechnic was instructed to fish out those they need and retain them. 

“Those that have other qualification that the polytechnic does not need them, those one should be send to either Post Primary Schools Management Board or the Civil Service Commission or the Universal Basic Education Board”.

“Those who went to SPY on transfer of service on the basis of waiver, all of them should go back to where they came from regardless of what they read”
“Those who were employed after October 2018, the position of the Government is that their employment are stood down”.

The Head of Service stated that the committee has also mandated the polytechnic to write side, having there are entity requirements on student-teacher ratio. In science there should be one lecturer per fifteen students; the Art, one lecturer per twenty students. 

On the issue of staff who can be relevant to the polytechnic Dr. Edgar explained that “If the polytechnic should look at its own need. If they can find some of them among those who were employed before October 2018, they can use them”.

“And, after using the those employed before October 2018 and there are still vacancies, those positions should be advertise and interview be conducted for those who have already applied and any other person who qualify so that everybody is given a fair opportunity, that is the position of the Government” Dr. Edgar Amos concluded.

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