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By Barnabas Augustine

Following the ban on cutting down trees to produce charcoal in Adamawa State, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said that his administration will fight deforestation with planting of trees to preserve the state' forest.

Receiving Mbula Race of Mbula, Tambo, Bille, Bakobi and Bwaza communities Thursday on congralatory visit at Conference Hall Government House Yola, Governor Fintiri said that soon his government will supply mahogany, baobab and Shea butter trees to communities to plant in their forest.

Governor Fintiri called on the youths, Royal fathers and stake holders of the Mbula Race not allow any person to destroy the forest which was preserved by their forefathers.

The Governor disclosed that soon his government will start distributing parliative across the state the cursion the effect of the subsidy removal; urging those that will distribute the parliative to ensure that the mechanism for the distribution reached every household.

While thanking the Mbula Race for supporting his administration and re-election bid, Governor Fintiri assured them that he will open up their communities  for growth and development which he started in his first tenure.

He said that the journey of his administration from 2019 is serving the interest of Adamawa State and will ensure that the second tenure will be better than his last four years in office.

Governor Fintiri stated that he will do everything possible  to secure Adamawa communities to enable them do their lawful businesses and live harmoniously.
He charged those he will appoint in his government to be ready to work for the interest of the state as his administration will not give room for selfish politicians and solicited for the citizenry's prayers for his government.

Spoke man of the Mbula Race, Chief Boniface Zebulun said they were in government house Yola to congratulate Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on his re-election as the governor of Adamawa State.

He said the Governor's coming to power has stabilize the state, adding that the people are no longer agitating for inclusiveness in governance which the citizenry hitherto cried out.

He lauded Governor Fintiri for transforming the state through his infrastructure developmental strides and assured the Governor their unflinching support to his led administration.

He said, the Mbula race will continue to be his foot soldiers and warriors even after the election while praying God to give the Governor strength to deliver on his mandate.

Contributing separately, Chief Senen Mure and the District Head of Mbula Chief Timawus Fwa lauded Governor Fintiri for delivering on his mandate in his first tenure and assured him of the Royal Fathers support all the time.

They said that the Government policies are for the development of the state, expressing optimism that Governor Fintiri second tenure will surpass his first four years in office.

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